OPTITAS - Your engineering partner for Electronics Design

Welcome to OPTITAS, an experienced pioneer in the field of hardware and software development! For over forty years, we have been providing outstanding engineering services as a trusted provider. Our passion for technical excellence makes us a valued partner for companies from all industries.

What we can do for you

We create the smart solution for your systems, whether in the automotive industry, automation, IoT, measurement or medical technology. Your machinery still contains devices that are not network-compatible... we enable you to bring them into the IoT as well. We are also happy to supply the appropriate test benches.

Some examples, where you may find our hardware and software

  • When using household appliances: Display and control of functions
  • When performing eye surgery: Parts of the control system of the eye laser
  • When driving a car: parts of the navigation system and the car radio
  • When producing vehicles/machines: parts of the control software in the assembly process


  • Many years of experience: Our expertise in embedded systems makes us experts in this field.
  • Technological excellence: At OPTITAS, we set the highest standards for our engineering services to drive innovation.
  • Customized solutions: We understand that every project is unique and offer customized answers that meet your requirements.
  • Reliable partner: Our customers trust in our reliability and punctuality in the implementation of their projects.
  • On-site support: a matter of course for us.

Let us make your ideas come true - from mini to mega, from physical to virtual. Your technological journey begins here.