What makes us stand out

Creativity, innovation, goal-oriented work, excellent communication and the ability to plan and lead projects.

Some of our used Technologies, Tools and Standards

StandardsIEC 61508, IEC 62304, EN ISO 14971, Medizin-Produkte-Gesetz (MPG), IEEE 802.3, MISRA, Autosar, ANSI-CStandards
RS232, RS485, Ethernet, 1-wire, Ethernet, PoE, LIN, SPI, I2C, CAN, MOST 
Real-Time OSQNX, GreenHills Integrity, FreeRTOS, RTLinux, RTAI, eCosOperating-
Other OSWindows, Linux, BSD, VMWare ESXi, CMX, DOS, Bare-MetalSystems
Controller / CoresPIC, ATMEGA, ARM (several Cortex Derivates), Espressif Devices (ESP8266, ESP32), x86, M86K, S32K3xxx, LayerScape, NXP S32K324 SoC, 8-bit uC-Ip integrated in a XILINX FPGA, INTEL PXA250, Siemens C167, STM32, Freescale P1020 and LS1021A QorIQ (PPC), …Cores



SCRUM, Jira, AzureDev, IBM ALM, Confluence, Enterprise Architect, …Tools
Code qualityCPPcheck, Lint, SPlint, Understand, CodeSonar, LDRA, … 
CVS, SVN (Subversion), Mercurial (HG), GIT, TFS, Gerrit, 
TortoiseHG, TortoiseGIT
DatabasesPostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, SQLite, InfluxDB, … 



TCP, IP, UDP, DNS, HTTP, SSH, MQTT, Z-Wave, Enocean, 
DebuggerLauterbach, IAR, KEIL, GreenHills/GHS, Segger, PEMicro, Abatron, Microchip, Olimex (Espressif Devices), GDB 
Development and Test-Software

AVR-Studio, Arduino, Yocto, U-Boot, VSCode, Visual-Studio, PIC Microchip, Microchip-IDE with C-Compiler, CC5X (Special-Compiler), GCC, S32 Design Studio, SILAB-IDE, KEIl Compiler, IAR Compiler, Docker, Freescale (NXP), …

PCAN-Explorer, PCAN-Analyzer, CANoe, Wireshark, Agilent Ethernet Compliance Tests, Agilent USB Compliance Tests. 8b/10b Test Suites, LabVIEW (use only), NI TestStand, …

Other Hardware Logic Analyzer, High-End Scopes, Agilent Ethernet Compliance Tests, Agilent USB Compliance Tests. 8b/10b Test Suites, LabVIEW (use only), NI TestStand, 4-Quadrant Power Amplifier, Waveform Simulators, Raspberry PI (incl. Derivates), Several (Environmental) Sensors and Datalogger, Climate Chambers, … 
Other Software

Minitab, Trendows, Chirpstack, Mosquitto, HiveMQ, AraxisMerge, PDF-Xchange, WinMerge, WinSCP, PuTTY, …


Several Analysis-Software for Bus-Systems, 

Measurement tools and Data Logger of nearly any kind incl. physical quantities, automatic tracing and integration into existing (Lab) infrastructures.


VMware vSphere, Minitab, MS-Office, LibreOffice, Icinga2, Telegraf, Grafana, Trendows, GNUplot, Microsoft AzureDev, CI/CD