Engineering that sets standards

At OPTITAS, we are engineers with passion and pride in our extensive know-how. We live and breathe embedded systems and are driven by the vision to develop innovative solutions that exceed your requirements. Our highly skilled engineers go the extra mile to overcome technical challenges and deliver products of unsurpassed quality.

Our specialties: Real-time, Linux, Microcontrollers, Smarthome and IoT, Embedded Systems of any kind

  • Real-time, RTOS (Real-Time Operating System): Our expertise in real-time operating systems enables us to develop robust and responsive solutions that operate deterministically even under demanding conditions.
  • Linux: As experienced Linux specialists, we integrate customized solutions into your embedded projects and optimize performance.
  • Microcontroller: In the field of microcontrollers, we develop innovative solutions in hardware and software.
  • IoT/Smart home: Since the beginning, we have been strongly connected to the IoT environment and have also implemented various technologies in hardware.
  • Embedded Systems: Our engineers develop hardware and software according to your requirements.

At OPTITAS, we go hand in hand with our customers to realize visionary ideas and break technological boundaries. Let's shape the future together and take your embedded systems to the next level.